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    What makes this server unique from other servers???



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    What makes this server unique from other servers???

    Post  neil0706 on Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:41 pm

    We understand that this server is newly opened and fresh, yet players are not increasing dew to some factors that maybe Gms and players are accountable of...

    I played different servers w/c has their own uniqueness and customization.. im not saying you should customize this server...im just saying that somehow, we make a move to improve the server to catch other players attention to play in this server...

    We understand that your life isnt all about this server, but somehow taking responsibility of the server is expected by the players...many suggestions and opinion are shared in the forums yet few things are given attention..

    My concern is kindly listen to players so that players will love this server instead of hating it..

    I may not say here all the concerns of the players but on behalf of them and as far as my knowledge concerns, are here as follows:

    1. GTB effect - GM Lyfa aaproved that it will be reduced to 50% and 50% strippable.. well its up to you to balance this card since all characters we see in game were non magic users.. How can we use other characters if only one card can disregard magical user classes..

    2. LBH quest - when you do the quest, it gives the Gigantic Majestic Horns w/c gives 12% attack to DH instead of the Large Baphomet Horns w/c gives 12% def... is it right or not??

    3. Active GMs?? - Events??? I mean automatic events... AFAIK events were just triggered whenever there are GMs around, there are many automated events in game that can be done, events every 30 mins is not bad i guess???if u dont want this suggestion then an active gm is really needed in game...

    4. Patch Notes - i think this one is important.. to keep players updated on whatever changes that occured in game..

    5. Pots - voting twice a day gives 16 points to each player, giving them a chance to earn 200 buns in the voting points shop, YGG is still an alternative pots yet it has a cooldown for 5 seconds i guess since its post balanced renewal iRO based as you say.. aside from donating, which is an advantage for donators obviously, any features that can give players healing potions or as we call them pots to have??? 200 buns a day cant make their day... especially those who love PVPs or MVP hunting..I suggest here an NPC that you can exchange items for buns or fish slice box... the npc you made that just gives 100 buns a day can be abused that's why we understand that you removed it...but since its a private server, at least you can lessen the grief of players into having pots...you cant enjoy a character dead.. Laughing

    6. Bug Skills - other players already reported some bug skills to fix but those skills arent fixed yet...how long will it take to fix these??

    7. MVP's - as approved, you changed MVP card drop rate to 1% and halfed the respawn time.. i think the drop rate only was changed but not the respawn time...kindly clear out this issue..

    8. Outside game events - we thanked thee for the cover photo events, keep it up... i suggest more of these, aside from bringing players back to game, you also commercialize the server..

    9. WoE Rewards - we receive GM bond every woe we won, have you decided already where can we exchange these items???These can also help players to participate in WoE... aside from that, you can also give other rewards to the winning guild to make them participate in the said event.. Just make it reasonable for other players to keep it balance for them...

    10. Endless tower purification stone NPC - whats the use of purification stone if there's no npc for it??

    11. FB Group Page - i suggest this one for GM-Player communication, not only through this forum... is it more accessible in FB than here?? i mean forums isnt bad but GMs/players can easily get attached w/ each other if you have a group page...

    12. Mob/Item Database Completion - Some items in your database and mobs as well are not present in game... Kindly update for item/equipment/quest completion..

    im free today that's why i made this one...any additions, suggestions, opinions, negative reactions are accepted... i just made this for the game's improvement..hopefully they read this especially the admin, i heard he's having OJT... hope he will have some time here... thanks for taking time reading...kansahamnida..

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    Post  Guillaume14 on Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:30 pm

    Nice ang Gnda nang pag papaliwanag mo Smile THUMBS Up . sana nmn PAG BIGYAN ni GM/ADMIN yan .


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    Post  Zeref on Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:21 pm

    Thumbs up rin sa post na to Very Happy Laughing lol!
    tska may new quests din sana na ma open, kasi kumpleto na karamihan sa cards, wala na sila magawa


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    Re: What makes this server unique from other servers???

    Post  neil0706 on Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:11 pm

    I'll answer my own question... Boring...sad to say this but its true.. less active players, no active gms at all... long time cooldown duration of automated events... quests not challenging to do due to rewards' qualities... cmon men...WAKE UP!!this server haven't lasted for a month yet players arent increasing instead decreasing... I love this because im a pioneer in this server, atleast make some moves.... everyone's feeling dull and bored already...


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    Re: What makes this server unique from other servers???

    Post  thedarkersyd on Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:54 pm

    +1 for this post.


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    Re: What makes this server unique from other servers???

    Post  Hitman on Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:41 pm

    Sorry, some of us were out of town for a number of days. Thanks for the wonderful post. This coming days of vacation will be the time for more updates, we just got to finish our exam and meet with our project deadlines. We have free GM slots, so maybe we'll be posting up a GM application thread soon. Anyway, keep the suggestions coming. /no1

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    Re: What makes this server unique from other servers???

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