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Wicked Ragnarok Online

150/50 3rd Job Server. PVP/WoE Oriented Server.

    In-Game rules


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    In-Game rules Empty In-Game rules

    Post  Hitman on Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:10 pm

    In-game rules:

    1. Speak in English in major towns. We are trying to promote an international server, so communication is 1st. Penalty for not abiding is being mute for 30 minutes. If you want to talk in your foreign language, please use the PM option instead.

    2. Advertising of other RO servers in not allowed. This can or may lead to our server losing players. Penalty for this action is a permanent IP BAN.

    3. Any use of 3rd party programs the enhance a player's gameplay are strictly prohibited. This includes the use of RPE, WPE, or Bots but are not limited to the ones mentioned. Penalty for this action is an account BAN.

    4. Hacking is prohibited but is not actually possible, hacking only happens to those who share their account information. So please, refrain from sharing your account details.
    Game Master's will never ask for your account information no matter what. You yourself is responsible for your own account.

    5. Do not sell any in-game item for real money, punishment for this action is the seller's account being banned or possibly the buyer as well.

    6. BUGs should be reported immediately. Players who abuse BUGs will be banned. This includes items that players aren't suppose to have. If you find any suspicious item, report it ASAP.

    7. Impersonating a GM is not allowed. Penalty for this action is a permanent IP BAN.

    8. When reporting a player for abuse, an evidence should be provided and action shall be taken immediately by the GM team.

    NOTE: The rules are not limited to this list. Please be sure to use common sense when playing. Have fun Smile

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