Wicked Ragnarok Online

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Wicked Ragnarok Online

150/50 3rd Job Server. PVP/WoE Oriented Server.

    Wicked Ragnarok Online Server Informations


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    Wicked Ragnarok Online Server Informations Empty Wicked Ragnarok Online Server Informations

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    Wicked Ragnarok Online

    [General Informations]
    -- 24/7 Uptime, Balance PVP/WoE Server
    -- RENEWAL Mechanics
    -- No OverPowered Donations, No GM Corruption
    -- Official Items ONLY, No Custom Items
    -- Anti-BOT/WPE/RPE Enabled, No Dual Logins
    -- Max Base Level: 150 || Max Job Level: 50
    -- Max Attack Speed: 193
    -- Kagerou/Oboru implemented with Working Skills.
    -- Disabled @warp command. @go/@jump available.

    Experience Rates: 5,000x[B]/5,000x[J]
    Custom Drop Rates [Renewal Drop Rates]
    * Normal Items/Equips/Normal Cards: 100%
    * MVP/Mini MVP Cards: 10%

    [Server Features]

    • Freebies
    • Healer with Buffs, Warper, PVP Room, PVP Ladder
    • Build Manager, Stat/Skill Resetter, Rental NPC, Platinum Skills NPC
    • Headgears Quests, Hunting Missions
    • Item Mall, TCG Trader, Vote Points Trader
    • Daily Reward, Roll Machine
    • Marketplace Area, Market Bulletin

    [Server Events]
    -- Automated Events
    * Disguise Event
    * Find The Mushroom Event
    * Poring Catcher Event
    * Last Man Standing Event
    * Cluckers Event
    -- External Events (via Facebooks/Forum/Website)

    Website/Control Panel: http://wicked-ragnarok.tk/
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WickedRagnarokOnline

    Don't have an account yet? Register here: http://wicked-ragnarok.tk/

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