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Wicked Ragnarok Online

150/50 3rd Job Server. PVP/WoE Oriented Server.

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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post  Hitman Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:15 pm

    • English is the main language of the forum and must be used at all times, except in the respective International sections. All posts which do not follow this format will be automatically deleted.
    • Respect GMs and Moderators and you will be respected.
    • Remain respectful of other users at all times.
    • Flames will only be allowed at the respective Flaming Threads.
    • The posting of images and videos or anything related to pornography, bestiality, animal cruelty, as well as terms with regards to any one's race, color, creed, religious observance or sexual orientation are prohibited. The user who posts will be automatically banned from the forum and have his post removed.
    • Do not revive old threads unless you have something new to contribute to. Certain topics will die with time.
    • Do not bump your thread every hour just because nobody has answered back.
    • Do not spam the boards with the same topic/message and do not post useless comments. Posts containing only emoticons and " laughs". It will be considered as a spam and therefore deleted.
    ** Repetitive spams will lead to having the user warned.
    • Always use the Search Tool before creating new threads. It's very possible that your question has already been answered. Doubled threads will be deleted.
    • Stay on topic. Random comments will be deleted and the user will be warned.
    • Each player must have only one forum account. Exceeding accounts will be banned.
    • Do not post another member's personal information without their consent. That includes original and edited pictures. The user whose information was posted can ask one of the Administration Team to remove the piece of information from the board.
    • Signatures are permitted as long as they follow the guidelines.
    * Keep your signature and avatar in good taste. The contents of your signature must be acceptable for the community: no vulgarity, pornography, profanity or insults to other community members.
    ** Using offensive phrases, words and images in your signature can also lead to warnings. The user will be first asked to remove/edit the sig's content. If he doesn't cooperate, his forum account can be banned.
    • Please report any inappropriate post.

    If you break a rule, then you will either be warned or banned. A ban of your forum user account may either be temporary or permanent. If you are given an official warning, a further warning will result in a temporary ban according to the number of official warnings your username already has.

    1st verbal warning - Sent through PM
    1st warning - 0
    2nd warning - 3 days ban
    3rd warning - 7 days ban
    4th warning - 10 days ban
    5th warning - 14 days ban
    6th warning - 1 month ban
    7th warning - 3 months ban
    8th warning and above - From 3 months to 6 months ban.
    * IP ban isn't recomended but it exists and will be used if necessary.
    ** The number of warnings you receive are marked in your user's profile and can be accessed by the Moderator/GM team at all times.

    • All contents of your signature, including all text and all images, must fit in a space that does not exceed 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.
    * Oversized signatures will result in verbal warnings to the user. If within 3 days after the first verbal warning the signature is not changed accordingly, the user will receive 1 formal warning for every extra day using the signature in the wrong format.

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