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Wicked Ragnarok Online

150/50 3rd Job Server. PVP/WoE Oriented Server.

    In-Game Commands for players


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    In-Game Commands for players Empty In-Game Commands for players

    Post  Hitman on Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:21 pm

    [Commands Available]
    // Displays a list of commands that you can use.

    // Displays the server's current rates.

    // Displays how long the server has been online.

    // Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after this skill" message.

    // Displays current levels and % progress

    // Shows Monster Info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff)

    // Shows Item info (type, price, etc)
    @ iteminfo

    // Shows who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rates

    // Refreshes your RO screen

    // Shows Current server time

    // Displays SVN version of the server

    // Opens mailbox

    // Starts a duel

    // Invites a player to a duel

    // Accepts an invitation to a duel

    // Rejects an invitation to a duel

    // Leaves a duel

    // Autorejecting Deals/Invites

    // Displays remaining jail time

    // Disable kill stealing

    // Changes in-game fonts

    // Displays/Hides Experience gained

    // Displays/Hides Zeny gained

    // Warps you to predefined locations in major cities

    // Enables/disables autolooting from killed mobs

    // Enables/disables autolooting an item

    // Allows you continue vending offline

    // Change Guild Master of your Guild

    // Change Party Leader of you Party

    // Makes your pet say a message

    // Makes your Homunculus say a message

    // Prints out in which maps a monster normally spawns at

    // Display this help guide

    // Display a listing of who is online and their party/guild

    // Randomly warps you like a flywing

    // Set/change a memo location (no position: display memo points)

    In-Game Commands for players HITMANWhat a Face

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