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150/50 3rd Job Server. PVP/WoE Oriented Server.

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    Post  Eight on Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:16 am

    Damage Reduction by Element [Garment]

    Element-Card;Prefix or Suffix

    Earth Hode Card(30%); Glorious
    Fire Jakk Card(30%); Flameguard
    Ghost Marionette Card(30%); of Ghost
    Neutral Orc Baby Card(10%); Extra-High Level
    Harpy Card(15%); Vicious
    Raydric Card(20%); Immune
    Deviling(50%); Deviant
    Poison Myst Card(30%); Innoxious
    Shadow Isis Card(30%); Divine
    Undead Orc Zombie Card(30%); Angelic
    Water Marse Card(30%);Genie's
    Wind Dustiness Card(30%); of Warmth

    By Element [Shield]

    Element-Card;Prefix or Suffix

    Earth Tatacho Card(20%); of Basis
    Fire Draco Card(20%); of Saharic
    Holy Cornus Card(20%); of Dammed
    Poison Centipede Card(20%); of Envenom
    Shadow Dark Shadow Card(20%); of Hallowed
    Water Aqua Elemental Card(20%); of Underneith
    Wind Luciola Vespa Card(20%); of Windy

    By Race [Shield]
    These cards reduce 30% of the damage depending on the target's race.

    Race-Card;Prefix or Suffix
    Demi-Human- Thara Frog Card; Cranial
    Brute- Orc Warrior Card; Brutal
    Insect- Bigfoot Card; of Garguantua
    Formless- Penomena Card; Fire-Proof
    Demon- Khalitzburg Card; from Hell
    Undead- Teddy Bear Card; of Requiem
    Fish- Rafflesia Card; Homer's
    Plant- Soldier Andre Card; of Cadi
    Dragon- Sky Petite Card; of Dragoon
    Angel- Anubis Card;Satanic

    By Size(shield)
    These cards reduce 30% of the damage depending on the target's size.

    Size-Card;Prefix or Suffix
    Small- Mysteltanin Card; Anti-small
    Medium- Ogretooth Card/Tirfing Card; Anti-medium
    Large- Executioner Card; Anti-Large

    Damage Increase By Element [Garment]

    Element-Race Card;Prefix or Suffix
    Earth- Brute and Plant Magmaring Card; Scorching
    Water- Fish Roween Card; Breeze

    By Element [Weapon] Cards that deal 20% more damage depending on target's element.

    Element-Card;Prefix or Suffix
    Fire- Vadon Card; Flammable
    Water- Draniliar Card; Saharic
    Wind- Mandragora Card; Windy
    Earth- Kaho Card; Underneath
    Holy- Orc Skeleton Card; Dammed
    Shadow- Santa POring Card; Hallowed
    Poison- Anacondaq Card; Envenom
    Ghost- Mao Guai Card/Civil Servant; of Exorcism

    By Race [Weapon] Deals 20% more damage depending on the target's race.

    Demi-Human- Hydra Card; Bloody
    Brute- Goblin Card; Clamorous
    Insect- Caramel Card; Insecticide
    Formless- Pecopeco Egg Card; Beholder
    Demon- Strouf Card; Decussate
    Undead- Scorpion King Card; Divine
    Fish- Flora Card; Fisher
    Plant- Scorpion Card; Chemical
    Dragon- Earth Petite Card; Dragoon

    By size [Weapon] Deals 15% more damage depending on the target's size. Also adds +5 atk.

    Small- Desert Wolf Card Gigantic
    Medium- Skeleton Worker Card Boned
    Large- Minorous Card Titam

    Hope this helps! cheers cheers cheers

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